Wills and Estate Planning

At Lumelsky & Mogilevich LLP our lawyers have the training and experience needed to advise clients on the subject of estate planning and wills. We review our clients financial and personal information to make sure that each clients objectives are taken into account in the context of his or her family. Thereafter, we carefully draft a will that expresses the clients wishes in language that is clear and free from ambiguity.

Do you need a will?

The bottom line is that without a will to guide them your loved ones may disagree on your intent and wishes. If you have a sizable estate, it may be tied up in litigation. And even if you dont, without a clear will, things of sentimental value could be inadvertently lost.

If you are under 25 and single having an estate plan may not be necessary. However, if you dont want everything you own going to your parents, consider a simple will.

If you are in a loving relationship, but no marriage certificate, a will is almost a must-have document. Without a will, you property will pass to a next of kin, and unmarried partners get nothing. Also, consider a health care agent form if you wish your partner to make medical decisions on your behalf, otherwise only your next of kin will have that authority.

If you have young kids, absolutely essential to have a document that names a guardian for your children and leaves your property to whomever you choose. The guardian will take over if both you and the other parent are unavailable. That’s an unlikely situation, but one that’s worth addressing just in case. If you fail to name a guardian, a court will appoint someone, possibly one of your in-laws.

Please call us for an appointment to discuss your options. A will is a prudent and inexpensive vehicle to protect your loved ones and your property.